Vet-Traxx Project Inc

Vet-Traxx Project East


Vet-Traxx Project started on the west coast in 2016.  Since the overwhelming positive response from Veterans, Sponsors, and after requests from Veteran's on the east coast, it was time to spread our wings.  In April of 2019, we officially branched out and opened Vet-Traxx Project East.  Tank's Tavern studios is the home for us on the east coast. 

The studio is fully functional, and several renovations are being made as well.  We already have Veteran's lining up to join us on this east coast invasion!

"Music is a cadence, its a heartbeat, and it's a universal language that everyone speaks.  I am super excited to have representation on the east coast, and there is no other brother I can think of who could make this possible than Roger!