Vet-Traxx Project Inc

Q:  Are there any costs associated with becoming an Artist of Vet-Traxx Project?
A:  We believe your sacrifice to our country is considered as payment in full, so we do not charge
      our Artists for our services.

Q:  I’ve never played an instrument, and I want to learn how.  Does Vet-Traxx Project offer lessons?
A:  We have several music instructors on our staff to give lessons.  Drums, Guitar, Bass, and Vocal
      lessons are available, but must be scheduled in advance.

Q:  Who retains the rights to the masters recorded with Vet-Traxx Project?
A:   JB Studios (Vet-Traxx Project) will retain the masters and are the property of Vet-Traxx Project.  We
       will release the masters to the veteran upon request and only ask for a small donation (not

Q:  I am a disabled veteran; does that make my dependents (children/spouse) eligible?
A:   At the current time we are only open to Disabled Veterans, and Veterans.

Q:  If there are scheduling conflicts, is there a priority in scheduling?
A:   A disabled veteran with a disability rating of 0% or higher has priority over veterans.  This
      organization was founded to help support disabled veterans, and we do not want to leave anyone
      behind so we opened our doors to veterans as well.

Q:  Will recording sessions be posted to social media?
A:   Video and Audio clips from our recording sessions will be posted onto our social media pages.  We
       will not post full length songs until mastering has been completed and the artist agrees with the final

Q:  I was Dishonorably discharged am I eligible?

A:  Unfortunately, a person with a characterization of service of Other Honorable, Dishonorable, or Bad Conduct Discharge is not eligible for 

Q:  Can I bring as many people as I want to the studio?
A:  No, if you plan on brining a guest please notify us prior to your scheduled recording session.  We have a limited amount of space inside the

Q:  Can I bring my own equipment?
A:  Yes, you must make prior arrangements before reporting to your recording session.

Q:  How far ahead do I need to schedule a session?
A:   You will want to contact us at least 2 months prior to your desired report date.  We are scheduling the sessions to meet the needs of our

Q:  Do you have security requirements; can I post JB Studios’ address to Facebook or any other social media?

A:   Yes, due to the safety and security of our artists and those volunteering at Vet-Traxx Project, we ask that you do not advertise our
       address.  Our studio is not open to the public, and we do not want to create confusion.  

Q:  Does Vet Traxx need a copy of my DD214 to verify Service; Why?
A:   Yes, DD-214 is a report and verification of your separation from military service. It is needed to apply for military benefits, retirement,
       employment or membership in veteran's organizations.  Military records generally are not public information, but refusal to provide your
       DD-214 will cause a delay in enrolling.  We will have to submit a request under the Freedom of Information Act.  When submitting your
       DD-214 please redact (black out) your social security number.

Q:  Am I allowed to have any weapons on me in the studio: Why?

A:   No, we respect our 2nd amendment, but for the safety of all parties involved,
       ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS are allowed to be brought into JB Studios by an artist.   

Q:  Is parking limited at the studio?
A:   No, we have ample parking, just as long as you’re not bringing 20 vehicles.
Q:  Are children welcome during recording?
A:   We would prefer that children not attend with their parent(s).  However, we understand that things happen and if you have to bring your
        child please contact us prior to your session.

Q:  Is the studio handicapped accessible?

A:   Yes.

Q:  Can I donate military pictures/memorabilia to the studio?
A:   Absolutely, and we highly encourage it, as long as we have room in the studio.

Q:  What happens to money, instruments or other items I donate to Vet Traxx for sale?
A:   All monies are strictly used for the day to day operation of Vet-Traxx Project to include: administrative costs, legal fees, office expenses,
       equipment purchases, operating expenses.  Equipment donated is strictly for use by JB Studios and Vet-Traxx Project.  We are 501(c)(3) 
       and all donations are tax deductible.  Furthermore, all of our board members and employees are volunteers and do not receive 

Q:  How many people can fit in the studio while recording?
A:   Up to 10 people can be in the studio during a recording session.