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Veteran Spotlight - Eric "SpAz" Lewis, U.S. Navy

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Failure by Proxy (fXp) is a Nu Metal/Rock band from Sacramento, California, that originally started as a studio project called Silence Among Us.  Since Spaz & Jeremy's departure from Terra Ferno, the group decided to rebrand the group and take the music to the next level.  Recruiting Chuck (Cash Cartell) and Chris (Dust & Diesel) wasn't a hard decision.  We knew they both had other projects, and wanted to see if they wanted to try a side project.  Ant Man joined the group in November 2018 after a rigorous probation period.  :-)

From the first practice, Failure by Proxy was a solid core.  The music is dynamic, heavy, and melodic! 

When asked what does Failure by Proxy mean?
"Well, we rely on one another to make the music sound the best it can possibly be.  If one of us is slacking, or failing to do his part, then we all fail together.  Not to sound cliche, but it does take a tight unit to make great music, and we all push each other to do what's not expected." - SpAz

This dynamic band is comprised of four very talented musicians:
Jeremy Friedlander - Vocals
Chuck Schubert - Guitar / Vocals

Ant Man - Guitar

Chris Alosi - Bass / Vocals

Eric "SpAz" Lewis - Drums / Samples

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Facebook -- /failurebyproxy


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